Slime Care

Slimes are non-edible, it is made with glue and borax solution.
Slimes may arrive mixed/melted depending on the weather and delivery conditions.


Before playing:

- Wash your hands before touching slime. (both before & after!)

- Play it on a clean surface (it helps to extend the lifespan of your slimes!)

- Handle slime quickly to ensure that it doesn't stick to your hands easily.

- Do not leave slime out in the open for a long period of time as  glue is the main ingredient and it'll dry out overtime!


Some slime situations you may potentially face:

Sticky slime - add the activator provided in small amounts and knead slime until it's smooth.

*slime tip: slimes with beads in it tend to require more melt down slime so it's ok for it to be a little sticky, just drip a few drops of activator on your hand to prep it before playing!

Hard slime - you can either wait for it to melt (place it under sunlight for it to melt down faster) or try adding clear/white glue to the slime.

Shrunk slime - it is normal for slimes to get overplayed and deflate in size over time.

*slime tip: to revive it, simply add some clear/white glue and reactivate it again! However this will not make the slime last forever as they still have a limited life span.